ArteLatAm is an arts organization based in New York and known for providing the resources that working Latin American visual artists living in the United States and abroad need to thrive. Our mission is to contribute to a better and deeper understanding of Contemporary Latin American Art. We empower Latin American artists by providing them professional advice, portfolio reviews, networks, resources, funding and opportunities to create and expose their creativity beyond their born countries.


Out of the 54.2 million Latinos in the U.S., a growing number consists of visual artists who have immigrated here looking for opportunities to expand their knowledge, visibility, and economic advancement. However, there are still thousands of Latin American visual artists in the U.S. and in the thirty-three countries that make up the region, who don’t fully understand how the global art market can be beneficial for them and how they can contribute to the industry’s success. ArteLatAm's goal is to help the artists discover new possibilities that will allow them to have greater global reach and visibility.

What ArteLatAm does

Online Advice Program

Through our program, ArteLatAm connects Latin American visual artists living in the U.S. and around the world with professional art curators, critics, college professors, galleries and institutions from New York. The program focuses on the development of their art careers through online, one-on-one 30-minute mentorships that grant them a deeper understanding of the contemporary art market.

Artist Membership

We have developed a membership program for Latin American artists that exhibit unique talent and potential but are underrepresented. Our program globally expands artist’s visibility to galleries and art collectors. It also provides training and support on legal contracts and visas, artwork transportation/insurance, and online studio visits from recognized curators from New York. Our goal is to increase artist’s sales which allows them to focus solely on their production and development of their career as a visual artist.

Art Mutual Fund

ArteLatAm’s Mutual Fund aids established Latin American visual artists worldwide by increasing the sales and recognition of their artworks by attracting investors who seek to diversify their portfolios through art. Unlike other art funds, this fund provides a mutually beneficial relationship between artists and investors by focusing on today’s fastest growing Art Market, Latin American Art.

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