We invite all the emerging Latin-American Visual Artists to fill out the online application form and participate in the ArteLatAm's Advice Program 2017-2018. This is a lifetime opportunity, so please read carefully all the information below before you start your application process.


  • Being an emerging Latin-American visual artist (18+) who is in the development process of his/her art career. You can be from any of the 32 countries (South/ Central America, and El Caribe) or related to it.
  • To take advantage of this opportunity, artists will have to fill out an online application form, have a website with his/her portfolio so our Art Professionals can review it, and donate a minimum of 10 dollars to one of the non-profit organizations that we partner with, in order to register.
  • Application forms will only be considered if they are completed on time, all the questions are answered correctly and the artist fulfills all the requirements.
  • Online consultations for the registered artists will be available in the Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Here is how it works

PHASE ONE: Register online until October 27th -click here to fill the application form-

PHASE TWO: Online consultations

Next October/ November 2017, the registered artists will have the opportunity to 30 minutes online consultation with art curators and critics, representatives from art galleries and museums, as well as contemporary visual artists living in New York. They will review your website portfolio and answer any questions you have related to the visual arts.

PHASE THREE: A registered artist will come to New York next May 2018

Once the online advising program is completed, a board of Art Curators will review the portfolios of the registered artists and select one that will come to New York next May 2018. The chosen artist will be staying at an Art Residency and will have an agenda prepared with personal interviews with art curators. Also, he/she will have the opportunity to visit the art studios of contemporary Latin-American artists living in New York.

Additionally, the artist is going to visit some of the most iconic Art Museums of New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), The Guggenheim, Museo del Barrio, Queens Museum, among others. Finally, the chosen artist will attend one of the most important art fairs in the world: Frieze New York.

The PHASE 3 of the program has been meticulously planned to achieve in the chosen Latin-American artist a deep understanding of the functioning of the current art market in New York.





Pepe Coronado
Art Curator & Visual Artist
Coronado Print Studio

Myra Kooy
Park Slope Civic Council Trustee
Art Curator & Visual Artist

Diego Anaya
Art Curator & Visual Artist
Salazar + Burch Gallery

Fernando Espinoza
Visual Artist

Alcinda Saphira
Execute Director & Chief Curator
Saphira & Ventura Gallery

Melissa Staiger
Independent Art Curator
Visual Artist


I don't have a website, can I still participate?

You can't participate without an active website, but here is a post that can help you create your own.

How to create a website for free.

I was born in Latin-America, but I moved soon after to another country, can I still participate?

Yes, you can. All Latin-American born artists living in any country of the world can participate.

I was not born in Latin-America, but I have a citizenship from a Latin-American country,  can I still participate?

Yes, you can. You're Family now!

I was not born in Latin-America, but my relatives are from Latin-America, can I still participate?

Yes, you can. We believe in heritage.

How many days will the winner spend in New York next May 2018? 

4 days, 3 nights.

What is included in the winner's trip to New York?

All expenses are included: roundtrip air ticket from your country of residence to New York, dwelling, meals, and transportation.

 Which visual art forms are able to participate?

All visual arts are included; in regards to photography: only art photography please, any commercial photography won't be accepted.

Have a different question? Let us know