About us

ArteLatAm is an arts organization based in New York and known for providing the resources that working Latin American visual artists living in the United States and abroad need to thrive.

ArteLatAm’s mission is to contribute to a better and deeper understanding of Contemporary Latin American Art.

We aim to empower Latin-American artists by providing them professional advice, portfolio reviews, networks, resources, funding, and motivation to create and expose their creativity beyond their born countries.

Our everyday goal is to help the artists discover new patterns and opportunities that will allow them to have greater global reach and visibility. 


CARLOS TORRES-MACHADO,  CEO Founder & Visual Artist.

Carlos is the creative mind of ArteLatAm. He studied contemporary arts, communication, photography and psychology in Argentina and his natal country Ecuador. As a visual artist, his path is always been related to the arts and culture. For him, life is defined by a phrase  "...to achieve your goals, you have to help other people achieve their goals." ArteLatAm honors this phrase.

He lived in Latin-America most of his life; when he arrived in the United States in 2012 he kept developing his art career but realized how competitive New York was. As a result, he decided to take action and along with the development of his art career, he started to develop the tools that emerging Latin-American artists need to have greater visibility in metropolises like New York. ArteLatAm is one of them.

SYLVIA MATA, Founder & Managing Director for Latin-America.

Sylvia has a very strong desire to assist the Latin-American Artist' community to grow, thrive and improve their overall quality of life in New York and abroad. She is the President of The League of United American Citizens, Queens Council for the Arts and Education since 2011. She is also the Vice President for Women, LULAC in New York State since 2014.

During her career, she developed many educational programs related to health, immigration, finances, and arts. She created the art & science program called STEM, for 10th to 12th-grade Latin American students here in New York, aiming to help reduce the dropout rates from high school. She has conducted cultural projects such as the art show of Latin American pianist Rosa Antonelli at the Carnegie Hall. Also, she helped to develop the project BI/COA which is an international exhibition focused on integrating the Latin, Spanish and Portuguese art cultures.

MARTHA ZAMBRANO, Founding Member & Head of Partnerships.

Martha has served as the Executive Director of the non-profit organization Ecuadorian International Center, Inc since 1999.  She has been tirelessly working with the Spanish-speaking community from Latin-America in New York. For the last 18 years, she has been helping them to integrate into American society by providing them social opportunities and educational programming.

In ArteLatAm, she is leading the mission to bring awareness about the Emerging Latin American Visual Artist’ Community to the United States Government, as well as of the 32 Latin American Consulates, Cultural Ministers, and Universities.

NICOLE KEELING, Strategic Planner.

With studies in marketing at Berkeley's College, she is helping ArteLatAm to succeed in every program the organization develops. She has a strong work ethic, determination, and leadership qualities with an exquisite eye for artful designs.

Nicole has supreme organizational and art critical thinking skills that generate innovative art strategies to help Latin-American visual artists around the world. Her ability to prioritize, meet deadlines and provide excellent customer services are the keys that are leading ArteLatAm's visual artists to reach their objectives.

STEPHANIE MEDINA, Graphic Designer.

Stephanie is the graphic design intern of ArteLatAm.  She is currently studying Studio Art at New York University with a concentration in design and a minor in media, culture, and communication.  Born and raised in New York, she loves being surrounded by such a vibrant city and often gets inspired by the designs she encounters in her day to day life.  She is determined, has a great attention to detail, and is passionate about her work.  Her eye for design helps bring to life ArteLatAm’s visions.